• Diffraction Patterns? 

      Ernst, Waltraud (transcript Verlag Bielefeld, 2014)
      Feminist analysis of science and technology is in the need of finding, first, innovative epistemic ways to empower those who are dis-empowered by gender hierarchies, racism, classism, homophobia, and other ideological ...
    • Frauen können keine Karten lesen 

      Satzinger, Helga (Campus Frankfurt New York, 2003)
    • Kittler und Gender 

      Bergermann, Ulrike (Büchse der Pandora Wetzlar, 2012)
    • Medienmentalitäten 

      Winkler, Hartmut (transcript Verlag Bielefeld, 2004)
    • Mobile Devices of Resistance 

      Jungnickel, Kat (meson press Lüneburg, 2017)
      While middle- and upper-class Victorians were quick to embrace the bicycle, cycling proved materially and ideologically challenging for women. Conventional women’s fashions were vastly inappropriate for cycling: materials ...