• After Queer Theory 

      Penney, James (Pluto Press London, 2014)
      After Queer Theory makes the provocative claim that queer theory has run its course, made obsolete by the elaboration of its own logic within capitalism. James Penney argues that far from signalling the end of anti-homophobic ...

      Oliver, Klaassen (Institut für Materielle Kultur Oldenburg, 2015)
      Since 2008 the Gay Museum* (= Schwules Museum*) in Berlin has been reassessing its exhibition and collection practice by exploring what is means to be queer. In other words, the question is how highly complex debates and ...
    • Difference, Diversity, Diffraction. Confronting Hegemonies and Dispossessions 

      Biele Mefebue, Astrid; En, Boka; Grenz, Sabine; Meshkova, Ksenia; Sifaki, Angeliki (2021)
      Proceedings of the 10th European Feminist Research Conference. The conference was organised by the Göttingen Diversity Research Institute and the Göttingen Centre for Gender Studies, and took place from 12 to 15 September ...
    • Images von Gewicht 

      Hieber, Lutz; Villa, Paula-Irene (transcript Verlag Bielefeld, 2007)